Friday, 7 March 2008

A long week

Since I picked up Noah from school early on Monday afternoon, he has been home, sick ever since. It has been a very long week for everyone.

I started off with a cold and sore throat on Sunday and it looks like I past it onto Noah. Both of us have developed chest infections and are now on antibiotics. As well as that Noah also had diarrhea and vomiting which was fun (not!). He has been miserable most of the week - either sleeping, vomiting or screaming :( He has been screaming on and off now for months and I told his Dr last week that he has 12 weeks to sort him out for me! We are fiddling with different seizure meds to try to stop all the cerebral irritation he is getting. I am worried as we are trying an old med he was on years ago that worked well, but ended up giving him gastritis. Hopefully this time it will work again and he won't get tummy problems from it. Fingers crossed!

I decided to keep him home again today so he could rest, and so far he is feeling a lot happier :)


  1. Hope he stays better, you do such a good job.

  2. At least he is awake now and smiling, and it would be good to get his meds right,and you could feel a bit better soon. Give Pooh Bear a big kiss and hug from me. Love Mum and Grandma.xxxxx

  3. hope you guys both start feeling better!

  4. Poor Noah I hate to hear he is not feeling well(you to). I am glad to see a little smile.

  5. Poor Noah,
    Hope he is feeling better very soon!

  6. ohh my heart goes out to Noah with his pain... poor little guy. Takes a lot of patience I bet.

  7. Tell that Noah Uncle Chrish will come sort him out if he doesn't start smiling :)

    Glad to see Harri has a girlfriend already. haha. I might need some tips from him


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