Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Active After School Program

Punchbowl Primary take part in the 'Active After-school Communities Program' which is funded by the federal government. It is to encourage kids to be active after school and take part in different kinds of sports. Once again Jay loves grade 3 as this year he gets to take part in it! Last week he came with the notice and was very keen to take part in taekwondo which they were offering on a Wednesday during first term.

It is a great program as it is free, and runs for an hour and a half each week for the whole term. It is at the school which is great as I don't have to take him somewhere else to do it, and it is fully supervised by teachers as well as the guy who runs it. For the first half an hour they get to relax and have a snack (also free of charge!) and then the last hour is the sport. Aaron and I went and caught the last ten minutes of it and Jay was having heaps of fun. It was great as lots of his friends were also there doing it.

I don't know how much he will learn, but it is great that he gets to try something different and have fun with his friends after school.

I don't think I should take Harri to watch the end next week though, as he has come home and decided that he is going to do 'running side kicks' on everything and anything, and said he is 'like Jay'!

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  1. Sounds like the kiddi's are busy back at school!
    Not long to go till the baby is here! How exciting!
    Cas xox


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