Friday, 14 March 2008

School Fair

Today was Punchbowl Primary School's 'Easter Fair'. Jalen has been excited about it for weeks and this morning I said to Harri that after school we would go to the 'school fair' and Harri quickly corrected me and said 'no Mum - it's the Easter fair!'.

The boys had a great time doing the usual things - rides, jumping castle, games and food.

We gave Jalen some money that he could spend at the fair and he took off with his friends and we hardly saw him the whole time.

The funniest thing was that he came up to me and asked me for $2.50 so he could go on the little cars. I asked him if he had already spend his money and he said 'no - I just don't want to waste my money!'. He would much rather waste mine instead!! :)

Aaron took Harri and Noah home after a little while and I did a shift on the ice cream, fairy floss and popcorn stall. It was such a hot day and the ice creams in a cone were a disaster. As soon as we would put the ice cream on the cone it would start melting. Our 'crazy bunny' ice creams definitely looked crazy as their eyes were falling off and their teeth were dripping off! Jay and I walked home at 7.30pm with about ten containers of free fruit salad that we scored as it was left over. Now we will be eating fruit salad all weekend to get rid of it - guess it is better than the fairy floss, popcorn and jacket potato that I polished off! :)


  1. The Easter Fair looked like it was lots of fun. Harri looks so serious driving the car,so cute.
    Loved the pic of Noah and the rabbits.

  2. Fruit salad sounds great to me.

    Looks like the boys had fun.

  3. Jay knows the value of money!


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