Sunday, 23 March 2008

'Easter Bunny has been in our bedroom!'.

This morning Jalen woke up and said he turned his light on to see if Easter Bunny had visited. He saw a trail of eggs along the floor that Easter Bunny had left was so excited and woke up Harri. Supposedly Harri woke up and saw it and yelled 'Easter Bunny has been in our bedroom!', and was so excited.

I heard the boys run out of their room and found more eggs that Easter Bunny had left. They straightaway came into our room to show us, and Harri was so excited! All week at the childcare at the gym they had been singing a song 'Easter Bunny is coming to town' and he had been singing it for days, waiting for it to happen.

Noah wasn't at all fussed and slept right through all the excitement. He still hasn't woken up enough to see what Easter Bunny brought him. The boys have had fun with his little chick that chirps though.


  1. It's great to hear that Noah is out of hospital and doing better, and that you all got spoiled by Easter Bunny. We are still making the most of still "believing" as this may be the last year:(
    Good Friday, followed by Great Saturday, not to be outdone by Sensational Sunday (GO HAWKS!!!)

    Kylie and co.

  2. looks like the boys had a great Easter morning. They really got lots of great candy from the Easter bunny.


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