Saturday, 22 March 2008

'Great' Saturday

Yesterday may have been Good Friday, but today is definitely 'Great Saturday' as Noah got to come home from hospital! Aaron said he had a really settled night and woke up happy. The Dr came in and said that it looked like things had settled down, so we could go home once we had got his discharge meds and had bloods taken. We are still going to do a test or two as an out patient to see if anything else shows up.

The boys and I went up to hospital mid morning after we spent the morning cleaning the house and decorating eggs that Grandma had given them.

When we got there Noah was sleepy, but happy. As usual it literally took hours for his discharge meds to come up from pharmacy, so in the meantime the boys had fun playing video games and riding the cars up and down the hall. After the fourth attempt of taking bloods (by three different people) they finally got enough to send off. Just before we were about to leave we had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa. Noah was wide awake and happy by then and was giving everyone lots of smiles :)

When we went to say goodbye to our nurse she told us to wait and ran to get something. She came back with a huge chocolate bunny for each of the boys (lucky us as Noah LOVES to share!) and a pack of eggs for Aaron and I as well. It was a lovely surprise. I told the boys we will have to come back into hospital every Easter if we were going to be so spoiled :) It was actually nice being in at Easter time as all the nurses were going around with rabbit ears on and the boys thought it was great.

It is nice to have Noah home, especially as he isn't screaming :) Hopefully we have found a lot of the cause of his irritability, but Aaron and I were both saying that we are expecting we still have a way to go till he is really settled again. In the meantime we will continue to change meds and doses and do some other tests to see if we can work out what is going on with him.


  1. Happy Easter you guys. So glad to hear that Noah is happier. Hope it stays like that. Mum and Dad have my girls up there so you will get to see then at church today!

  2. So glad Noah is happier and you got to go home. The chocolate eggs and bunnies look yummy.


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