Tuesday, 11 March 2008

A day with the girls

Today Harri and I went to Bec's house to catch up for lunch. Pip also came, as well as an old friend from the good old Don College days- Corby (Theresa - we still call her Corby after all these years!). Corby now lives in New Zealand and has a beautiful little girl - Kerala who we met for the first time today. During her lunch break Lynne also dropped in. She is due to have her baby in 3 weeks!

It was a great day - it was fun to just sit around and chat (when we weren't chasing kids!), eat and have our hair done. We are very lucky that Pip is such a good hairdresser and so willing to share her talents with us.

Bec got her hair cut and coloured, and then Harri decided that he also wanted a trim (even though I cut it a week ago!), so Pip gave him a little trim as well :) I also had my hair trimmed- funny how just getting a hair cut can make you feel so much better.

It was lovely to see little Annie again. I had been dying to go around to visit last week, but was too sick and didn't want to spread my germs to her. She is such an angel and slept right until we were about to leave!

Bec is enjoying this stage that she is at - especially after seeing how much busier you get as your kids get bigger and can move more!

She is a great Mum and so calm and relaxed.

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