Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Mum's group

Today I thought I would make an effort to go to the church 'Mum's group'. I am always flat out with appointments and things on and it is usually just another thing I have to go to, but I knew that Harri would really enjoy it - especially as it was at the park today.

It has been great as I now have a lot more gym buddies - Jacquie, Emma, Tammy and Belinda have all joined in the last month or so. Harri is getting to know all of their kids in the child care and today at the park he saw Lillian and said 'she's my friend!'. I told him that she was his cousin and he said 'no - she's my friend!'. He then ran around with Eli the whole time and kept saying 'friend, friend' when he was trying to get his attention.

It was such a hot day again today, but Harri loved running around and having lots of friends to play with.

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