Monday, 17 March 2008

A visit from Deke

Another reason Jalen loves being in grade 3 is that this year his class have epals. Jay's whole class each have a child in a school in Canada that they get to email regularly throughout the year. Jay's epal's name is Chase. Jay's teacher has sent the Canadian class a Tassie Devil soft toy and the class from Canada has sent Jay's class a little teddy with a Canadian emblem on it, which the class has named 'Deke'.

Each night one of the kids from Jay's class gets to take Deke home for the night. When they take him home they have to write in the class journal what they have done with Deke as well as take photos. They then publish their work at school with the photos and put in a folder to keep as a record of Deke's time with the class. It is funny reading what some of the kids have done with this teddy bear! He has been lots of places around Tassie and has had his photo taken with Kookaburra's, up gum trees, and at the beach.

Tonight I'm sure Deke had a very interesting experience in the King house. He watched Jalen do some homework on the computer,

played on the Wii,

had a ride in Noah's wheelchair,

helped feed Noah,

and hung out with the boys.


  1. What a great idea!
    Looks like Deke had a ball with the king's!!!

  2. Deke is looking pretty good for being a get around. Whats Deke named after anyways? We need a full history update now

  3. Deke got up to every fun activity in the King house - he must have had a long sleep after all that.

  4. How cute, thats are really neat idea. Deke certainly had a great time at your house.


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