Friday, 28 March 2008

East V West

I told Anna I would have this post up by 9.30 pm tonight and I think I am just going to make it :)

Tonight was the big annual East Ward V West Ward basketball games. Aaron and I aren't big fans of the night as everyone takes it very serious - like we are playing in the NBA or something! Aaron was roped into umpiring the women's game, and I was roped into coaching (subbing) our women's team. It was very stressful as we had about 12 players and only thirty minutes to play and I wanted to make sure everyone got a fair go. Noah was also not happy and didn't help the situation, as I was trying to deal with him at the same time.

I was dying to have a bit of a play, so subbed myself on for a couple of minutes. I think I scared everyone with my huge tummy and was lucky to score a goal after a couple of minutes, so I figured that was enough time on court for me (as I was just about to die from running up and down the court a couple of times!) and subbed myself off.

The mens game was the big finale and they also had heaps of players, so it was hard for everyone to get some good time on court. Everyone had fun though and it was good to see everyone having a go - especially those who don't play basketball all the time.

During half time of the men's game the Primary kids had a bit of a game. There were kids aged between 2 and 11 playing at the same time, so it was very interesting :)

Caroline - the umpire, picked up Harri part way through the game to help him get a goal. He missed, but thought it was fantastic and came and gave me a hi-5 when he came off!

Overall East won the men and women's games (just!) but when the scores from all games were added together West ward won overall with total points. I'm glad it is over as I think it was more stressful having to sub 12 people on and off than to play!


  1. Lisa Lisa Lisa very naughty Love Mum

  2. I love the way only Aaron is in focus in one photo! Looks like fun. No injuries? NOt even from the old fogies?

  3. Hi Chels - amazingly no injuries! Probably a first for church ball!

  4. Looks like it would have been fun to watch.

    Now i'm no maths student Marge, but it seems to me that if East won both matches, then there is no way west ward would have been able to get more points with losing both games :)

    Perhaps you added the kids score as well??

  5. Good point Chrish - they counted the Primary, YM and YW games as well. The YM's game did it as their points were a bit ahead of ours - all the other games were within a couple of points. Stupid way to work out who wins I think!

  6. Hey Lisa

    I think you did a great job looking after Noah, playing and taking photos, as well as coaching! I can see why you felt it to be a little stressful. It was a good night and it is something that seems to be looked forward to each year. The boys played very well in the Primary game, good on you!

  7. Well done with getting some court time in (and suffering for it the next day!). Hope things were better with Noah last night and you're getting some more sleep.

  8. I heard that Joe Rogers guy was sensational! Its just what I heard though!


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