Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Another maths geek!

Jay has been sleeping in since school started, as he is so tired and I have had to wake him up each morning. This morning though he jumped out of bed early and asked if he finished all his jobs before school if he could go in the internet. He was sooooo excited as today is 'World Maths Day'. Looks like we have another maths geek in the house (he takes after Aaron obviously with liking maths - not me!). All day yesterday he kept telling us that it was going to be 'World Maths Day'.

Jay absolutely loves maths and today on the 'mathletics' website there was big competitions and prizes all day so he wanted to get on there early and have a go before school. The school has purchased a license for mathletics which is an awesome maths website where kids can verse other kids from all around the world live. Jay loves getting on there after school and versing kids from the US, Hong Kong and Canada. His classroom teacher also sets him tasks and when he logs in at home he can complete the tasks via the net.

Jay said at school today they did spelling and the rest of the day they just did maths! He thought it was great! Not my idea of fun though :) He proudly came home showing off his 'World Maths Day' sticker.

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