Saturday, 15 March 2008


Today we had a visit from Clare who just got back from an awesome trip to Hawaii with Sam. It was nice to catch up as we don't get to see each other very often anymore, and it was even better as she bought us back some Peanut Butter Cups :)

When I lived in the US I practically lived on Peanut Butter Cups! At an apartment block near where I lived was a vending machine, and I was always ducking over there to get some peanut butter cups at all hours of the day and night! Not good at all - and no wonder I came back a lot bigger than when I left!

After I got home you could get them for a little while at Coles, but they mustn't have been that popular as they were only around for a little while and now it is very hard to get them. Chrish always rubs it in though when he finds a shop in Sydney that sells them!

Thanks Sam and Clare for bringing back some great memories and helping me to feed the baby some sugar :) There are not many left!


  1. Hey I wish I knew about this before we went to the gym this morning. I would have begged, pleaded and stole for a peanut butter cup. I agree there is nothing like them!!

  2. I like that sweet salty taste too...

  3. that'll be a few extra trips to the gym this week!!! Dave loves them but I always reckon they would be a million times better with Cadbury chocolate and natural peanut butter!

  4. Yuummmmy, those are a favorite at our house. In fact just yesterday I made chocolate cookies with mini reeses cups.

  5. I love them too! When did you live in America! Oh Lisa I am addicted to Wii... I spent 5 hours playing it into the early morning hours of Sat! I have to be more strict and just say no! Hahaha
    Cas xo

  6. Chelsea - they would definitely be better with Cadbury chocolate :)
    Cas - at least with the Wii you are a little active - not sitting around on your bum like with a playstation etc :)
    I lived in the US in 1992/93 for 13 months. I went to Ricks College (BYU Idaho now). It was so much fun but I put on lots of weight from all the peanut butter cups and crappy food I ate.

  7. Hi Lisa, Are you still looking for a carer for Noah? I have a friend at uni who might be interested.
    Let me know. Kristen

  8. Hi Kristen - I'm not sure if this is Kristen Vellar or Stancombe, but either one, it doesn't matter :)
    We have found a carer - just still in the process of getting all the police check/medical etc approved. Thanks so much for wanting to help out though - will keep it in mind in case we need someone another time :)

  9. Lisa, you made me soooo envious when I read this last night. I love Peanut butter cups - I have a feeling you may have introduced them to me? We found a shop in Hobart that sells them and all kinds of Kiwi lollies (we spent HEAPS last trip). Well - Shayne just got back from NZ with guess what PEANUT BUTTER CUPS FOR ME - YAY!



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