Sunday, 23 March 2008

Super Sunday

Aaron told me that the name of today was 'Super Sunday' as Hawthorn played their first game of the year and won by a lot. Of course that has nothing to do with this post, but I'm sure Aaron won't mind me mentioning it since football is his life after his family! :)

After church today we headed out to Mum and Dad's again, so we could catch up with Chrish before he goes home tomorrow and also meet Steph's sister Scarlett and her husband Jony, who are down from Sydney for a week.

Just after we got there everyone was going for a walk over to Uncle Kim's dairy - Chrish was after some 'real' milk. We told the boys we were going for a walk to get some milk and on the way Harri said 'are we going to the supermarket Mum?'.

Recently Harri has had a very traumatic experience with a big dog scaring him, and ever since he has been petrified of dogs. At Uncle Kim's we saw a dog tied up and at first Harri was very scared, but with some coaxing he finally made his way over and gave it a little pat.

Then Auntie Deidre's little dog came running over. That was a whole other story! He was petrified because it was tiny and was jumping up.

Chloe was totally different! She is amazing with animals and is all over them and not scared at all.

While we went for the walk Noah stayed and laid in bed with Grandma. When we got back he had a huge grin on his face. It is nice to have him happy again.

The kids had a nice time playing together. Kelsea and Chloe were so cute when they saw Noah laying on the lawn. Chloe kept looking at him saying 'No No' which is exactly what Jay used to call him when he was little.

The weather was so nice again that we decided to sit outside to have a yummy BBQ tea. Poor Jony got the talk from Dad about how you 'wouldn't get this view in Sydney' and told the entire history of the area! He kept encouraging Dad saying he wanted to hear it, but I think by the end of the week he will be glad to get back home! :)

After tea the boys decided to try out Levi's apple gun. Harri came running in to tell me that the boys had something that goes 'pow!' outside and wanted met to come and watch. He thought it was very exciting.


  1. Lisa, these photos are just beautiful! It makes me feel so homesick for Tassie, and my family.
    I especially enjoyed seeing the picture of you all going for a walk to get some fresh milk!

  2. Thanks Bride. Everything is soooo dry at the moment. It is nice having all the family around.


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