Friday, 7 March 2008


This afternoon 'Kickstart' started back up at school for the year. It is a program run by the school for children from birth to 4 years. It runs once a fortnight and Harri has been hanging out for it since the end of last year! This year the school has a brand new Kinder building at the main campus of school so it was very exciting to go to a brand new building.

This morning when Harri woke up I asked him if he wanted to go to 'his school' today. He jumped and screamed 'yes!' and I told him that he had to wait till after lunch. He then said 'I will eat my lunch now' as he thought that meant we could go right away (at 8am!). I told him that he still had to have breakfast and play, and then have lunch and that when 'Oprah' was on TV we would go :)

Because Noah was home today he also came with us. He was actually well enough to go to school today, but I didn't realise that till he woke up happy. It didn't hurt having an extra day at home though. I thought it would be okay to just take him with me, and while we were at the Kinder, Di (his aide) came down to take him for the hour and a half so I could spend the time with Harri.

The school received funding for a music program to run once a month, and today was a special music session. A music teacher came in and took music for half of the session. I asked Di if she would stay with Noah as I knew he would really enjoy it. It was nice seeing his smile all during the music session.

The music session was great. The kids got to shake maracas, play with a parachute, sing a song about bubbles while the bubble machines were blowing out heaps of bubbles, and song lots of different fun songs. Harri was right into it - he can't wait till he can really go to Kinder next year.

Harri has a little friend called Sarah. Her sister Grace was in Noah's class last year and ever since Sarah has latched onto Harri and Noah. She is always drawing little pictures for the boys and bringing soft toys to school for Noah to feel. She was so excited to see Harri today. She will also be Kinder next year.

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  1. That program looks great. so glad Noah had a better day.


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