Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Our new kitchen

At the end of last year I ran into our landlord, who said she had a proposal for us. She wanted to put in a new kitchen, but of course the catch was that our rent would go up. I didn't care as our kitchen was stuck in the 1960's and was awful. It did the job, but I never wanted to be in there.

Finally last week we got our new kitchen! We spent the afternoon clearing everything out so that the old kitchen could be ripped out.

For a few days our 'kitchen' was in the spare bedroom. We were only without an oven and stove for two nights which the boys were happy about, as it meant we got to get takeaway two nights in a row. We kept telling Harri that a man was going to come and build us a new kitchen and for a couple of days before he came he kept saying 'Daddy's a man - he can build it!'. He just kept wondering what the hold up was, and why Aaron couldn't do it! :)

Harri thought it was great fun when the guy would come each morning and start working on it. He would go and got his toy tools and would pretend he was helping him. When the old kitchen was taken out it was very exciting.

Harri and I were in and out all day, and it was exciting to see the changes when we would come home. It was amazing how fast it was to get a brand new kitchen. It only really took two days.

We are loving our new kitchen - especially having a dishwasher! We had one in our old house and really missed it when we had to move. I actually enjoy being in the kitchen now :) We still have to get the painting done and the lino ripped up so the floor boards can be sanded and polished and it will be finished.


  1. How exciting... a new kitchen... hope you enjoy cooking in it....

  2. Hope you landlady reimbursed you for the inconvenience of being without a kitchen for two days. You guys did have to pay for takeout or reduced your rent accordingly over that time. Do you find yourself being real careful trying to keep everything new? Is that dishwasher hard to keep clean from grubby fingers? How refreshing a new kitchen is. It looks very sparkly.

  3. Simone - yes everything is always spotless in the kitchen now as I want to keep it nice! I havent had any trouble keeping the dishwasher clean yet. The kitchen guy was going to hook up the old oven so we could use it for two nights, but I told him that was okay, so it was really our choice to get take away. I just wasn't in the mood for working in a half finished, dusty kitchen with nothing in it. Pizza is easier :)

  4. What a lovely looking kitchen, looks you have some extra room to cook in now!
    And it is always good when their is a dishwasher as it means quicker clean ups.

  5. What a lovely kitchen! I wish our Landlord put a new kitchen in our unit! We have an old 60's one too!
    Have fun cooking in it! Glad Noah is happy again, sounds like you guys had a lovely easter! :)
    Cas xo

  6. ohhh yeah! That's cool... a dishwasher is a must for me now!!! It looks great. Hope your rent didnt go up too much.... Im still laughing at Simone's comment!!!

  7. Lisa the new kitchen is beautiful. Congrats that is sooo exciting.

  8. haha...i'm laughing at simone too...man i love everything she says and the way she thinks!!! the kitchen looks awesome, it makes such a difference having a nice kitchen...i LOVE having a dishwasher too, it is so much easier, and love how there are never any dishes piled up at the sink by the end of the day. have fun cooking!

  9. Looks great!
    We have an old kitchen too, and i'm sooo over it!!!!
    It's funny, all the other rooms in your house can be old and daggy, but a NICE kitchen makes all the difference, changes the whole house hey?
    You must be loving it?


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