Saturday, 24 December 2011

The week before Christmas

Although it doesn't feel like Christmas this year as Noah isn't with us, the boys are really excited for it which is making it easier for us.  We avoided Carols by Candelight this year, but still did some of our usual Christmas week traditions - the first one staying up very late one night and going to see the Christmas lights around town. 

We didn't get home until 11.30 pm and all three boys were still wide awake! Kobe was so excited about it. We had Christmas carols playing in the car and he kept yelling 'Turn it up! Everybody sing!!' and would tell us off if we weren't all singing.  When we would finish looking at a house he would then yell 'let's go and look at more Santa lights!'. 

We've been feeling pretty down this week, but today we decided to do something for someone else and we felt really happy afterwards.  It's nice to sometimes forget about your own worries and think about others, and I'm glad we could do something at this time of year especially.

Tonight we had our usual Christmas Eve picnic in the lounge room. Jay and Harri were excited for it as they remembered that we do it every year while watching a Christmas show, but Kobe couldn't remember it at all.   When we told him what we were doing he was so excited and kept telling the boys 'we're having a special picnic in the lounge room!!'.

After our picnic we had a Christmas story before getting ready for Santa to come tonight.  Harri and Kobe are at such a fun age where they are so excited about Santa coming. Harri had a hundred and one questions tonight... 'do the reindeers come inside?', 'does Rudolph always come with Santa?'.  He decided that Santa needed a HUGE drink of milk and a chocolate, and Kobe got the carrot ready for Rudolph.

Now to wait for Santa to come and a big day ahead of us. It's nice that the boys are so excited as it's helping us look forward to it a little bit.


  1. I'm so glad you have had a happy few days. Service is a wonderful thing, it has a way of taking us out of ourselves and putting the focus on others even if only briefly. Christmas truly is so magical.

  2. Lucky you put a boost out for Santa, he's going to need it to get to Sydney!!

    Hope Christmas is good for you.

  3. I'd kill for a twiggy stick right now!! hahahaha
    merry christmas King family...

  4. Sending you warm thoughts on this difficult first Christmas without Noah.


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