Friday, 23 December 2011


It's always a crazy time of year getting ready for Christmas, but then we have Aaron's birthday thrown two days before.  Harri told me last night that Aaron was the boss today as it was his birthday.   I'm sure I could let him be boss for one day! ;)  We did go to the supermarket today and I must've said something to Aaron that Harri didn't like as he said 'Mum! It's Dad's birthday! Don't be horrible to him on his birthday. He's the boss today remember!?' :)

For our birthdays we get to decide on whatever we want to do, so Aaron thought it would be fun to play crazy golf. Harri said we all had to let Aaron win because it his birthday, and I have to say that I didn't have to try to let him win as I played terribly (as usual).

We spent the afternoon in town with the rest of the crowds.  The boys were so cute as they walked along, arms around each other working out what they were going to do together when they got home. I had to pull out my phone to take a photo.  At the moment they are either fighting or being like this - nothing in between.

We spent the afternoon looking for places that sold men's jewelry and finally found a place in town that made stamped dog tags. We had been looking at them online for a while as I was given a couple of beautiful necklaces after Noah passed away and Aaron was very jealous.  The best thing was that they did it within half an hour.  He was so excited to now feel like he has a little bit of Noah on him.

I surprised him with a leather band with Noah's name on it for his birthday which he also loves. 

One thing about Aaron is he's easy to please - he would choose a take away meal over a 5 star restaurant any day. He chose one of his favourite take away meals for lunch - Charcoal Chicken.  

We had a nice day even though it wasn't the usual birthday excitement that he has every year. 


  1. Congratulations on your Birthday Aaron. Another year gone - another Christmas to come. How many claps do we give you? One, two, three...... fourteen, fifteen........twentyone,.....thirty one????????????????

    Love Ali Christie

  2. I love Aaron's bracelet and dog-tags.
    One more year away from the BIG 40!!!
    Love Mum.


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