Saturday, 17 December 2011

A little thing

such as a simple thank you card, can mean such a lot.

I don't know the girl at all who won Noah's award at school, but I got to have a chat to her Mum and her yesterday after school, and she seemed so lovely. Meg was excited to win the award and was looking forward to using the gift voucher that she had won.

Meg won the 'Noah King Friendship Award' for 'consistently demonstrating outstanding personal and social skills. She is caring, compassionate and kind towards all - particularly supporting students who require some additional help and care'.  Her Mum said she was so happy to hear her name called out.   I know I would be so proud if my boys won such an award, as it's those kind of things that I hope they develop more than anything else in their lives.


  1. I agree. Whenever my kids win the 'making Jesus real' award I always feel its even better than an acedemic award. Great job Meg and great job King family.

  2. How lovely to receive that card and know that the award was so appreciated. I remember a few years ago getting a thank you card from a missionary's mum thanking me for having him at our home on Christmas day. He had only gone on his mission 3 days before Christmas and she was worried about him. It was a beautiful card ... of course I was very touched and cried. /Receiving a thank you card can feel so wonderful.

  3. What a lovely award- named after the perfect person...


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