Thursday, 1 December 2011

Noah's Christmas Tree

After we decorated our own tree on Sunday, we took some ornaments up to Noah's grave to decorate his tree.   It's so lovely that the children's section have the graves around the trees as it makes it so much nicer than just having the graves in long lines.

There is only one other grave on the same tree as Noah at the moment - a baby named Tom. Every time we are up there I wonder what happened to him and because it's also a fresh grave I think about the famly a lot and what they must be going through.  Whenever we go up there he has fresh flowers or toys on his grave, and this time he already had his part of the tree decorated in Christmas decorations.

Noah's grave already had a couple of teddys on it which were placed there by other friends (still not sure who one is from), so we decided to bring a couple of them home during December and replaced them with some Christmas ones instead. We will take them back after Christmas is over.

His monkey is still sitting there, but Jalen decided he needed a Christmas wreath around his neck :)

As sad as it is to think that we have to decorate Noah's grave this year, it's nice to know that he has his own Christmas tree.


  1. what a lovely tree. I am sure Noah loves it. :-)

  2. Makes me cry too. xo

    (the verification word is 'magic'. Sigh. There'll always always be magic in that boy, even though he's not here.)

  3. this tree is on my "top 5" list of things to do when arriving back in Tas....xx

  4. What a lovely tree for Noah. Wishing you all our love!

  5. A big hug for you guys and one for Tom's family too. I wish they knew complete strangers were praying for them just as complete strangers are doing the same for Noah's family too. Xx

  6. Wonderful, beautiful, touching, stellar, moving....xx


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