Thursday, 22 December 2011

Make a Wish Christmas Party

Last week we got a phone call from Make a Wish inviting us to come to a Christmas Party.  It was for past wish recipients and their families and was put on at a beautiful old homestead called 'Quamby Estate' at Hagley.   They told us that the new owner of Quamby Estate Rob, approached Make a Wish saying that he wanted to put on a party for a charity, and Make a Wish were the lucky recipients.

The boys were so excited to go after their last day at school for the year, and it was the most beautiful warm night for it.

It went for two and half hours and had the most amazing things to do.

 Kobe couldn't wait to get his face painted. He requested a 'pink reindeer' :)

We had many horse and carriage rides.  There were also pony rides but the boys were crazy and didn't want to have a ride.

It made Aaron's night when Hawka came out!

There were two great jumping castles.

Even Hawka had a turn or five, and had all the kids cracking up as he would roll down the slide each time.

Even the big kids loved the slide!

 Hawka was into the action all night which the kids loved. 

They had a huge gourmet bbq with the yummiest meats, salads and jacket potatoes, and for dessert the BIGGEST frog in a pond you had ever seen, mudcake and pavlova. 

The boys spent the majority of the night having turns riding in the MG cars.  The owner of Quamby Estate drove one of the cars and was so fun as he would drive really fast around the golf course, dodging trees, going over bumps and racing his dog the whole way.  He was the loveliest guy.

Santa even made an appearance and all of the kids were given a present each. The boys were very lucky and very spoilt. 

They had live music playing the whole time and the guys were awesome - they played lots of different songs including music for the adults as well as the kids.  Kobe just had to get up and dance when they played some Wiggles music.

The clowns and Hawka were cracking us up dancing really funny together.

They gave out balloons to everyone towards the end of the night.

One of the kids lost their balloon and Kobe straight away pointed at it and said 'it's going up to Noah!' which was so beautiful. One of the volunteers then gave me a few more balloons to send up to Noah :)

One of the clowns is actually Jay's drama teacher and he was so happy to see her and gave her a huge hug when we left. 
We had the best night and it was nice to have such a fun night together after a really emotional day.  It was the last day of school which meant it was the last day of Primary School for Jalen.  I went to their end of year assembly and pretty much sobbed the whole way through assembly with Jay leaving, and watching Noah's class do their class dance one more time and announce that 'this dance is dedicated as always to our special friend Noah King'. Tears were flowing all day and Jay was really sad after school to be saying goodbye to awesome teachers, some friends who will be going to different schools and a fantastic school that he had loved. It was nice to go and have some fun after the emotional day we had and after a hard couple of months. 

We only wish Noah could've been there with us too.  I thanked the Make a Wish volunteers for inviting us and they said not to thank them but to thank the owner Rob for putting it on as he was the one who approaced them.  I really wanted him to know how much it touched us and went up and told him what a great night the boys and all of us had and that it meant a lot to see them have such a great time and told him about Noah.  He was so lovely and said he was sorry to hear it and was glad that he could see the kids with smiles on their faces.  There really are some amazing people in the world.


  1. God bless Rob!!!
    What a great night, and the perfect weather for it as well.
    Good to see Hawka relaxing before his duties next year.
    How much fun would that be to drive around the golf course in the cars!!!
    So glad that the day ended up being so great for all of you.
    Love Mum.

  2. That post makes me teary, so special for right before Christmas. Although you feel terribly lonely right now there are hundreds of people, even strangers, who care xxx carli

  3. What a fantastic night. That Hawka is a real character :-) It's nice to know that even though you're all still hurting and will for a long time the kindness of others gives you hope and courage to keep facing each new day. Love you guys. xxx

  4. That comment above is actually from me. I'm using mum's computer and it was on her account. x

  5. Loved hearing about your time at the Christmas Party .... how awesome. There are some really really good people in the world, and it's a comfort to know that they are there. The cars are so gorgeous ... riding in those must have been something else. Lovely for you to have such happiness and cheer after that emotional day .... sounds like it was exactly what you needed.

  6. great place..
    great party...
    great night.....
    great and thoughtful owner...

  7. I loe this Rob guy and I've never even met him. :) I love too seeing strangers care so selflessly, especially when you guys are the recipients. xx xxxx


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