Thursday, 29 December 2011

Special Gifts

I'm never really into Christmas or birthday presents (unlike Aaron who is the biggest kid in the family and thinks about what he wants for his birthday six months in advance!).  To me I'd rather just go out somewhere special for my birthday or get a gift voucher to have a massage or something, rather than get presents.  I'm the same at Christmas time and Aaron always gets stressed with me as he's always asking what I want and I say 'nothing' which makes it hard for him to buy me anything that I would get excited about.

Since Noah passed away though we have received so many beautiful and thoughtful gifts, that mean more to me than a whole life time of birthday and Christmas presents put together.  I won't mention everyone by name, but please know how much we love each and every gift that we have been given. It means so much to us to know that so many people are thinking of us.  I hope I haven't missed any out and if I have I apologise. My mind is still mush and probably will be for a while.

A beautiful Willow Tree figurine with a star on it, to let us know that our shining star will never be forgotten :)

A fantastic book that helped a friend through a hard time. 

A beautiful wind chime with Noah's name and birth and death date on it, which is now hanging on his tree at his grave site.

Some very cute monkeys to remember our own cheeky monkey :)

Some beautiful angel teddies  - one for each of the boys with their own name bracelets on them.   Noah was given one of these when he was a lot younger, and the same friend sent the boys one each so they can hug it when they are missing Noah. Such a beautiful thought and the boys love them.

A beautiful necklace which I get SO many compliments about. It is from a Australian business who have a Facebook page called 'LoveNCherish'.  I love it so much and wear it all the time with my angel wing necklace with Noah's name on it.

Some beautiful angel Christmas decorations which represent our family...

and some wooden dolls to represent us as well.

More beautiful books.

and the perfect photo frame for us to put a pic of our own cheeky money in.

A beautiful poem written by the very talented Angela.  We love it so much.

A beautiful plant for home which is actually still alive!

A lovely surprise of a meal voucher to 'give us a night off cooking' which was such a lovely thought.

I was saying to a friend that the boys were driving me insane, so they gave us a movie ticket for each of us to get out and do something fun together.

The same friend lent me one of her 'man's hankies' one day when I needed one as there were a few tears, and I haven't given it back since and it often gets pulled out of my bag at times when I need it. I always let her know how handy her man hanky is, so they bought me a 12 pack :)

A gorgeous monkey for our Christmas tree.

The boys music teacher at school spotted this awesome giant monkey chocolate and straight away thought of Harri.  Such a lovely thing to do for him.

A gift card to get a canvas made of a photo of Noah for our home.

Another great book which I'm reading at the moment.

and we absolutely love this wall sticker which Makayla organised for us.  It's the saying that was on the back of Noah's funeral service program and is now on the wall above all of his special things in our bedroom.

It's so nice to know that Noah will never be forgotten and that people are always thinking of us.  We know how blessed we are to have so many amazing friends.

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  1. the king only has amazing friends....

    because you make us amazing!!!
    cya soon.....


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