Friday, 2 December 2011

Jalen's turn

Because we had taken Harri out on a special one on one date with us last month, we decided it was Jay's turn to have a night out on his own tonight.   Di had offered to babysit earlier in the week, so Kobe and Harri spent the night with her while we took Jay out for tea. Harri desperately wanted to come too, but we reminded him of his special time with Mum and Dad and he was okay about us going out, as long as he was allowed to stay up until we got home, as he is too sad and scared to go to bed without saying goodnight to us (or even after he has said goodnight to us at the moment).

It was fun to go out just with Jay.

He is at that age where he thinks we are embarrassing, but hilarious at the same time.  He has the same sense of humour as Aaron which is a worry, but Aaron had him cracking up all night and hiding in embarrassment at some of the things he was saying at the same time!

We decided to head into town to do some late night Christmas shopping and stopped for some photos along the way.

We didn't realise until we got into town, that it was the night for the lighting of the Christmas tree in the mall, so we hung around and watched that.  It's actually a pretty impressive tree, especially for Launnie.

We finished off the night with his favourite dessert from Maccas.

It was lots of fun and he had us laughing all night.  

Both Aaron and I had a bit of an emotional day today with a few different things happening and we were thinking about and missing Noah a lot today especially, but it was nice to get out and have some fun with Jay on his own.  He definitely cheered us both up.


  1. Real nice that you got to spend that time one on one ..... the Christmas tree is so pretty. It looks just beautiful.

  2. Jalen is getting so grown up! I'm glad you had a great night and got to see the tree lit-up. It's beautiful and I'm so glad we have a tree again. We were there at the start as Lauren sang in the choir.

  3. It is very special to have one on one date nights with each of your children. I am sure Jay will look back on the time with fond memories

  4. How do I get one of these nights out with you guys.. I will promise to laugh at your jokes!!!!


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