Sunday, 4 December 2011

While Mum's away the boys will play

Yesterday was a HUGE day with me doing my first wedding photo shoot.   I was very nervous, and it was a really long day, but hopefully I got some shots that the couple will be happy with.   I tried to get out of it numerous times, especially as the bride tricked me into doing it as she asked me if I would take her wedding photos, even before she was engaged! I thought I was safe and was like 'yeah sure!' and then a month later she was engaged! Despite trying to get out of it, she kept insisiting that she wanted me to take them for her, so I told her if was her problem if I ruined the wedding day with pics she didn't like! :)

A few weeks ago I had lots of fun hanging with my friend Chelsea who is a professional photographer, and got to see how she works at a wedding.  It was so fun and I loved seeing how the whole day worked from start to finish.  Despite having gone with Chels, it was still super scary, but it's over now and I can breath a sigh of relief - or can once I have finished editing the photos.

Makayla came along to help me out for a couple of hours during the ceremony, and a bit afterwards and took these photos of me in action. Thanks Mak.

I was gone all day and all night, so Aaron and the boys had lots of fun while I was gone.  They pulled out the NBA Wii games and got very serious having a play off, even wearing their basketball tops to get into the spirit of things.

They had lots of fun and when I got home late last night, Jay came running out saying 'don't ever leave again - Dad beat me all day on the Wii!'.

It's nice to know that I can go out for so long and know that they had fun at home with Aaron.  I did get a very teary phone call from Harri at bedtime saying he was missing me and wanted to give me a hug, which was hard but we had lots of hugs today to make up for it.


  1. That is a lovely post. Congratulations with your successful photo shoot ... what a great experience. Love hearing about the boys having fun at home. Sounds like they had a ball ... apart from dad beating them.

  2. Wow, what a day!!! We are all so proud of you. Xx

  3. he he, love it! I get sad leaving the kids with Dave every Saturday but I love my kind of me time too! Good bonding time for Dad and the kids!

  4. my girls wouldn't have waited til bed time to tell me to come home..
    I would be driving out the driveway! Just remember me when you hit the BIG time.. I will gladly be your assistant when you have to do a magazine shoot!!!


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