Friday, 16 December 2011

Tissues for Mum

Some days at the moment are okay or even good, and on those days there are no signs of tears all day. Other days there are lots and lots of tears and despite all I do to try to stop them, they just don't stop flowing.  A couple of weeks ago I was having one of those very teary days. Next thing I know Kobe comes over to me with a tissue or two.

He asked me 'what's 'wong' Mummy?' and it was my usual answer 'I'm just missing Noah'.  Kobe always then says 'me miss Noah too Mummy, we all miss Noah'.  Yes we do Kobe.


  1. Awash Kobe you take after your Mum thinking and caring about others. Xx

  2. Truly touching ..... I guess that's the way of grief ... a bit of a roller coaster.

  3. Aww, you have the sweetest kid ever :'''D Lots of love from Indonesia!



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