Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Growing Up

When did my baby grow up so fast!?! I think I blinked and missed it! Last night was Jay's Grade 6 leavers dinner which he was so excited about. It's hard to believe that his years at Primary School are almost over.  One the way to his leavers dinner last night we did a super quick photo shoot (literally 5-10 minutes).   I may be very biased but I think he looks so handsome.

He was cracking me up, as I told him where to stand and he would then pull out all these crazy poses for me.

We got to the leavers dinner and I let him out while I parked the car. When I got up to where all the kids and parents were he was standing with his 'friend' Danielle (need I say more!?). There were HEAPS of people taking photos of them, so I jumped in to get one too before they took off.  It was very funny as everyone was telling them to get closer and for Jay to put his arm around her.  Some woman then came up and made her put his arm on him.

They are actually really great mates which is lovely. It made me laugh how short he is compared to her.  Jay told me after we got home last night that he was thinking 'hurry up and just take the photos everyone before Mum gets here, or she'll want to get one too!'. Cheeky boy! :)

 All of the grade 6 kids at the school are so lovely and they all get along great.

They were all excited to have a meal and some dancing later in the night.  They have really cool laminated placemats with photos of all the grade 6 kids on one side, and they had all signed the back of it.

They continued dancing for a little while after the parents came to pick them up. They were having the best time and the teachers all said the boys were up dancing more than the girls.  The very cool Miss Wells was the DJ for the night.  Aaron asked Jay what 'DJ K Wells' was like and he said 'awesome' which is true as she knows just what kind of music the kids love and teaches them lots of cool choreography for certain songs during the lunch hour at school.

It was fun watching them dance and have so much fun together. It's sad to think that things will be changing a lot next year with them all in high school. Some of them will be going to different schools, but most of them will be at the same school but in different classes.

It was very funny as the teachers told them that the last dance was going to be a waltz and got the boys lined up on one side and the girls on the other.  The boys weren't very keen at all, and Jay was even backing away, but you could tell the girls were really looking forward to having a waltz with one of the boys! They started up the waltz music and then told them it was a joke and started playing the real last song. The boys were very relieved!

So instead of waltzing the boys did the conga line while the girls did some cool choreography together.

I'm sure in a few years the boys would love to be dancing one on one with the girls.   For now it's just nice seeing them all have such a great time together.

Jay got a bit teary on the way to school this morning saying he is really going to miss Primary School. I reminded him that most of his friends will be going to the same school, but he said he'll miss his friends in grade 5, the teachers and the school which is understandable as he loves school and has had some awesome teachers there.  I was exactly the same when I left Primary School - so sad to leave, but then loved High School even more. I hope he will too. 


  1. Aren't those wonderful memories to have ....

  2. What a gret night. Patrick is at his now and his mother is still having trouble with where the time has gone!

  3. Nice to see everyone shufflin' and having a good time.
    Great to see Jae so happy.
    Love Mum.

  4. Looks like Jay is having the time of his life. Great that he has gone to such a good school and made so many good friends over the years. Where was the leavers dinner held at?

  5. Revenge is near mum


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