Sunday, 11 December 2011

Jalen's HeliAdventure

At the Run for a Wish fun run Jalen was lucky enough to be given a special gift from Make a Wish.  Being just two weeks after Noah passed away, one of the Make a Wish volunteers came up to Jay and said to him for being such a good big brother to Noah, they would like to give him a voucher for a helicopter flight for two people.  It was one of the prizes that had been donated.

He was so excited and he finally got to do it on Saturday.

There were a few 'discussions' about who was going to be the second passenger with him, but I didn't really have a leg to stand on with my arguments about why I should be going ("I gave birth to you Jay!!':) as I got to go on a helicopter ride with him at Seaworld on Noah's Make a Wish trip.  I was happy for Aaron to go with him though and it was nice to see them both so excited about it.  

Harri kept saying he wanted to go on too, but I think even if he was allowed to he probably would've freaked out. 

 I was happy to have him and Kobe with me on solid ground.

The pilot was a lovely guy from Denmark and kept chatting away to Jay the whole time. He  hovered over the landing pad a lot and spun around a couple of times before taking off.

 They both loved it.

It was just a 15 minute ride up the Tamar River and around the city of Launceston.  


 Looking down on the Cataract Gorge.

 Aaron's favourite sight :)

 Before we knew it they were back.

They had the best time.  Thank you so much to Make A Wish for thinking of us and giving Jay such a special gift.


  1. I love the one of Aurora Stadium!! ;) I'm so glad they got to go up. Don't worry Harri, I would have freaked out too.

  2. How exciting ...... What fun.

  3. It would be great to see Aurora Stadium from that angle.
    Nice to see Aaron smiling.
    I am totally jealous, but happy that they had a great time.
    Love Mum.

  4. What a lucky boy (or should I say boys!). I love the photo of the Gorge from the air.

  5. I loved the opportunity to see what Tasmania looks like from the air - gives me a better idea of what your terrain, landscape is like there. How fun for Jay!

  6. There is a little boy in our house that would of been very envious of Jay. So nice of Make a Wish to do that.

  7. Looks like Jay had a good time, so nice of make a wish :)


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