Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Short Kid

Back in the day (the days of when I was in grade 6) I was actually 'the short kid'. If our house wasn't half packed away, I could drag out the old school photos of me and my friends, of them all towering over me. It's hard to believe I was so short as I am now taller than most of my friends.

Yesterday Jalen asked me if I could come up to school in the afternoon to watch him play basketball against another school. I know Jay is short for his age but it's funny when I see him with kids the same age, and realise how short he really is.

I'm hoping that during high school he will start sprouting up like I did.

Jay doesn't seem bothered by it at all and actually jokes about it.

Kobe is being a pain lately and fighting his day time sleeps. I put him into bed, and an hour and a half later he is still wide awake and calling out to me. I hate to admit that it looks like it may be time where he no longer needs a nap in the afternoon, but the upside is that he will be going to bed a lot earlier at night. It also means that I no longer have to make sure I'm home by lunch time so he can have a sleep, but can get out and about more and spend more time up at school in the afternoons watching the boys do different things.

Kobe was so happy to spend the afternoon with Jay yesterday. All day long he says 'Jay!?' asking me where he is. Today he actually fell over and after giving me a cuddle he kept crying and said 'Jayyyyy', as he wanted to find Jay so he could give him a cuddle to make him feel better.

Kobe loves being out and about and with the warmer weather and no naps (not even my nanna nap when I need one!! ) so we will be spending a lot more time out and about, enjoying the sun. I guess I should be glad that it's happened at this time of the year and not in the middle of winter.


  1. Those boys must be giants! Jay and Patrick are younger than a lot of kids in their classes though. All the girls in Patrick's class are catching up to him now, and even though he's fairly tall, the girls make him look smaller!

  2. those boys look HUGE Jay isn't that short for his age - wouldn't have thought he was SHORT at all just skinny!!! Shame about the day sleep with Kobe!! maybe he will eb content to sit and watch the wiggles while you take your nanna nap!

  3. I love that Jay is so secure in himself that he doesn't care that he is shorter than everyone else.

  4. Now, those boys are just giants.
    I noticed that when he had his concert.
    The girls are really big.
    Sorry you aren't getting any 'nannna naps'
    Love Mum.

  5. is there an updated picture of jay now? Is he getting taller?


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