Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Possum Tree

Today was the annual photo taking day of the boys in front of the tree at the front of our house. All week I had noticed that the tree was finally in blossom and kept saying to the boys that we had to hurry and take photo in front of the blossom tree.

I hadn't got around to it yet and this morning Harri asks 'what about the possum tree Mum!!!?'. I couldn't stop laughing when I realised he was reminding me we had to take a photo with the blossom tree. After church we went out to take a photo.

Last year it was a disaster as Kobe was just tiny, but it was a LOT easier this year as he is such a poser and just stood and smiled for us! Noah wasn't actually asleep, but shut his eyes because of the glare from the sun.

This year




I love seeing how much the boys have changed and grown over the years. When we finally do move from here I will have to make sure we still come back for our annual photo. I'm sure the boys will absolutely love me for it in a few years time!


  1. The boys have grown, (and additions, too!) but the wheelchair has grown too! It's funny to see those side bars expand around Noah's legs as he grows!
    It's such a cool tradition! :)

  2. Are you stuck in a time warp of the year 2008?! It's nice to think that we are still a year younger! I think the year is 2009! Great photos, it's good to see how much the boys have changed over the years.

  3. What a great way of mapping their growth. Imagine what the new people in the house would think when you all pull up in the van for a photo every year!

  4. Nicki - it depends which way you look at the dates! I put them above the pic they refer to :)

  5. The boys are getting more gorgeous every year =)
    I bet you'll still be pulling up there when they're all in their 20's and making them stand for a photo! =P

  6. I can't help but notice that the tree is leaning to the can tell which way the wind blows.

    What a fun tradition...I might have to start one of my own.

  7. I love this tradition Lisa.... and i just can't believe its been a year since you put the 2008 photo up!!! Time is going so fast these days!
    I also think its funny about Nicki's comment because i often think about how some people write above the photos and some below... lol (Yes I think about some very useless things!) I am personally an 'above' the photo person!!!!!!!

  8. Great was cool scrolling down through them and then Kobe just disappears and i'm like...where's Kobe? and then i'm like OH he wasn't BORN YET DAH!...haha sorry just having a moment;)

  9. That is so cool Lisa ...Harrie has changed so much....Jay has just gotten taller and Noah is still his handsome self...Kobe ...WELL Kobe is just Kobe from an interesting little baby to a full on interesting little man..I sure
    hope that "the bogans" dont come and break that blossom tree off they do everywhere else ...

  10. what a lovely idea. I think I'm gonna do something like that myself. Thanks


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