Wednesday, 25 June 2008

All Night!!!

Kobe has been having really unsettled evenings from around tea time till he goes to bed - until last night. He was really settled for most of the night and Aaron kept asking where the real Kobe was! He had slept really well during the day, so I was expecting him to have a really bad night, but he sure surprised us!

I put him into bed at 10.30pm with hardly any fuss and was expecting him to wake around 2am. At 3.30am I woke up and realised he was sleeping really well. I was a terrible Mum and didn't go to check him as I just knew he was okay and sleeping well.
At 4.30 I woke again and he still hadn't woken! I went to check him and he was sound asleep. I then slept very lightly on and off as I was expecting him to wake up at anytime. At 6.30am I got up and he finally woke up at 7am!!! I couldn't believe he had slept all night - almost 9 hours! He is 3 weeks old today and Harri slept through the night from the same age, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm not really expecting him to do it again so soon, but boy was it nice to not have to get up to feed.


  1. Oh that is so great! Fingers crossed for you that he makes it a habit!

  2. Wow, thats great- I hope it continues

  3. I don't think you would want a 'Nicki baby' Steph! Alex still wakes up every 4 hours and he is almost 6 months old. Kobe is doing much better than Alex. Keep it up Kobe!

  4. WHAT! That is incredible. Hope he keeps it up for you. I bet you felt awesome in the morning. (when I read the title of you post I instantly thought it meant you had been up all night and started to feel bad for you! happy that wasn't the case though!)

  5. Poor Kobe read your "impatient" blog and decided he'd better grow up quick! I hope it continues. he is absolutely gorgeous!
    Love Kylie

  6. yeah dont go and jinx yourself like I did the other day!!! Its been horrid since! Sleep is totally the key to a happy Mum hey!!!

  7. Way to go Kobe. Sure hope he continues to sleep through the night.
    The pictures are adorable, he is growing quick.

  8. No Fair! Seth is 8 months old and HE doesn't sleep that long!!! I am so happy for you. Hope he keeps going, at least you know he can do it.


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