Thursday, 5 June 2008

We are home

Yes - we really are home! We have had two visitors go up to the hospital tonight to see us, only to realise that we headed home this afternoon. I knew yesterday when they took me to the maternity ward that I wouldn't be getting very much rest while at the hospital, as it is very busy at the moment, and said to Aaron I think I would only like to be in one night and come home. I'm so glad I have, as it is so much more relaxing not listening to 20 babies crying all day, having cleaners come in and out and hearing the baby and the lady in the bed next to us all night.

Kobe decided to give me the 'baptism by fire' (as Simone called it), by having a very unsettled night last night. We were up from 11pm till 4am - feeding, crying, pooing, spewing, feeding some more, crying some more, pooing some more and then feeding again! It was a long night and he finally decided to settle at 4am in my arms. I dared not move and let him sleep in my arms, thinking how I am already letting him get into bad habits! I was just keen for a couple of hours sleep - especially since I had been awake since 12.30 am the night before with contractions.

We got Kobe's baby check done early in the morning and everything is looking good. I also had to learn how to inject myself, as I have to have an injection every day for 6 weeks to hopefully not get any blood clots. I have a gene that they say can cause blood clots, but I wouldn't even know that I have it, except that it was picked up in a study that Noah and I took part in with the Royal Children's Hospital. The Drs are just being cautious, and it seems easy enough, but I'm not looking forward to having to do it everyday.

We have felt very loved and spoiled by the emails, comments, texts, phone calls, flowers, gifts, cards and visits from everyone. It is nice that everyone is so happy and excited for us.

I really still can't believe that I have a baby, and that he arrived so quickly compared to my other labours and deliveries! Aaron and I really thought we would be in the labour ward all day. It was very painful and intense, but the best labour I have experienced.

When he came out I remember saying 'that was SO quick!'. It was a lovely experience and Aaron and I got to spend a lot of time together with Kobe in a double bed that I delivered on (it was so busy we got the extra special delivery room!). They didn't even weigh him until we got to spend an hour or more with him. It was nice to have the boys in the room with us for a little while too, before we had to go to maternity ward.

I have told Aaron he needs to start up his own blog since everyone seemed to enjoy his post so much! :) It is nice to hear his version of it, which was very different to what I was experiencing! The midwife (Pam) said to me that she didn't think Kobe was going to be as big as my other boys by the look of my tummy. I was very happy to hear that, and when he was delivered she and also the Dr both said they did think he looked over 4 kg which meant he was close to being as big as the boys. He tipped the scales at exactly 9 lb (4080 gm), which surprised them all as they thought he was tucked away very neatly in what I thought was a HUGE tummy, but they disagreed. So even though he was big, he was the smallest of my four boys (still can't believe I have FOUR boys!!!)

I do remember saying 'just pull him out!', once I had pushed his head out and everyone laughing saying that I was doing it on my own. I didn't care - I just wanted them to rip him out so it could be over! :) When Kobe was out, I also remember Aaron saying 'he is a boy!', as in the back of our minds we were wondering whether they may have made a mistake.

Looks like Holly and Marnie won some chocolates, both guessing the right date! My Mum has some psychic thing happening and guessed the name somehow too, so she thinks she also deserves a prize. Holly and Marnie - if you could email me with your addresses that would be great - lisajking (at) hotmail (dot) com.


  1. I cant believe you are only just home and already made two LONG posts on your blog- you sure are the Blogging Queen! Kobe is so gorgeous, love all the photos- Hope he settles better for you tonight!xx

  2. Welcome home! I hope you are taking it easy. Let your hubby put on the apron and be the housewife for a while. I love a man with dishpan hands-don't you?

  3. Glad your home safe and sound. I remember thinking with Belle that it would be a good 8 hours or so of pacing around the maternity suit but gave birth after only 45mins of arriving! I was so shocked and kept saying "i can't believe that it's all over!". Loving all the photo's!
    xo Holly

  4. WHAT THE HECK! Lisa you are amazing!!!! Can't believe you have already had a family outing and two blog posts after delivering a baby and and zero sleep! The blog is obviously a VERY important part of your life (hehe!!). Sorry for the yucky night...hopefully Kobe will be more settled over the next few nights. Your labour sounded great, that dr checking Kobe over was the same one who delivered and checked Lil. Anyways, you did awesome - can't wait to see you! xxx

  5. yeah, how did you sit by the computer for that long to type a post. Arent you sore!!!! So glad you are home! hope that Kobe behaves himslef and starts sleeping at night. Rowan has been a pain the last few nights too. Look forward to more and more photos. I am coming up next week so cant wait to come visit!

  6. You must be exhausted after 2 cruddy nights. I really hope last night was a little better. I love that Harri was picking his nose in front of Lara. Where did he put the boogy? Ha,ha!

  7. Welcome home! Aren't newborns just a delight to look at? He is beautiful. I hope the other boys are all taking good care of you. You are highly outnumbered! Rest and take it easy!

  8. Lisa, your newest little man cub is beautiful. I am so happy that he came quickly and that all is well with both of you. I wouldn't like to get daily injections either. Hope that passes quickly. I love his name. Where did you find it?
    Please kiss Noah for me and tell him that he is still my favorite.
    Love, Jeanene


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