Thursday, 26 June 2008

Noah's 7th Birthday

Today is Noah's 7th birthday. The last 7 years have gone very fast. Last night when Jay was giving Noah a kiss goodnight he asked him if he was excited for his birthday. Noah broke out in a big smile which was cute.

The day started off early with Noah waking me up at 2am with a dirty nappy. I got up and changed him and while I was out of the room he decided to have another dirty nappy and then another one! I ended up having to change his bed and finally we got back to sleep. Lucky Kobe was a good boy and slept for 6 1/2 hours and didn't wake up till 4.45am.

Harri was keen to open presents for Noah as soon as he woke up at 6.30am, but we made him at least wait till Noah woke up.

Noah got the usual presents - new clothes, things for his 'little room' for him to hear and a new spa mat for the bath. He had one that split and he hasn't been able to use it for a while.

After school we all went to watch Jalen play basketball. Kobe was really settled which was nice and he attracted quite the crowd of ladies all saying how tiny and cute he was.

Harri on the other hand attracted attention in other ways! In the foyer at the YMCA they now have a flat screen TV. They always have ABC Kids on for the kids to watch TV, so he stays out there and plays with the other kids and watches TV. Half way through Jalen's game Harri comes in with his jeans and undies pulled right down, saying 'I'm sorry Mummy - I'm all wet!'. He had wet his pants (too busy watching TV!).

Everyone was cracking up laughing and Jalen says 'I didn't know we had streakers at basketball!'. Aaron took him over to Coles with his wet pants on to buy some new undies and lucky we had a change of clothes for Noah in the van, so he wore Noah's pants. When he came back in I asked him what he had on (expecting him to tell me he had Noah's pants on), but he pulls them right down to show us his new undies!! Everyone was cracking up again!

The boys decided that Noah would like cocoa pops for breakfast (pity he can't eat any himself!) and McDonalds for tea. The boys thought it was a great birthday!

Tonight we tried it out the spa mat and Noah was very relaxed.


  1. Happy Birthday Noah!...That cake looks Awesome!

  2. Happy Birthday Noah! Bella likes the look of your spa night. We are really pleased you had sucha good day. Lots of Love Charlotte and Bella UK

  3. Happy Birthday Noah! We're glad you had a great day. Your spa mat looks great!

    Love Patrick and Lauren, Kylie and Shayne

  4. look at how relaxed he is in that bath! i want a spa mat! happy birthday little man, can't believe it has been 7 years :)

  5. HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY NOAH!!!!Sounds like it was happy day all round for everybody...I agree, that spa mat looks very inviting.


  6. Glad to hear you had a great birthday Noah, (except for the early morning antics) and getting to finish the day off with a spa (the Kings sure know what birthdays are about, I know where I am going on my birthday ;)

  7. Happy Birthday Noah, sorry we are a bit late. Hope you had a great day. Looks like you got lots of cool gifts.


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