Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Being Impatient

This morning Bec and Annie came around to visit. I keep telling myself to be patient, but I can't wait for Kobe to be out of the newborn stage. I keep reminding myself that its only been three weeks and this is the last time I will have a newborn and I should 'enjoy' it, but I really can't wait for Kobe to be the same age as Annie. Hopefully then he will sit or lay for more than 1 minute at a time and be happy and can play with his toys more, and smile and look around at things and do things other than feed, cry or sleep.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not hating it either, I'm just being very impatient and looking forward to the time when he is more settled, (especially at night), in a bit of a routine and more interactive.

Kobe wasn't took keen on a photo shoot. Actually for 30 seconds or so he was, then he thought it was very boring and then things went downhill very fast with both Annie and Kobe deciding they had enough and it was time for a sleep. If only I could cry when I was tired and be put to bed too ;)


  1. Oh they both look so cute crying. I too would like to skip the first 3 mths. It just seems to drag and it is only when you look back that it seems it went quick.

  2. The pictures are darling, even the one of them both crying.

  3. Enjoy the moment!! I use to wish those early months away,.... and people would say to me "enjoy the moment",...I would think how can I when I'm so tired and I'm so busy... but now with my yougest 4 and my eldest 14 I repeat it! Enjoy the moment for it only lasts a moment!!


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