Thursday, 12 June 2008

A Crazy Day

Today was a crazy day in the King house. Not that we don't have crazy days - we have a lot - just that it was extra crazy! First of all I woke up having major after pains (or 'after shocks' as Aaron calls them!) which felt like I was in labour all over again. Some panadol helped to settle them down - pity you couldn't just pop some panadol in labour and have all the pain go away!

We then had to go out to do a few jobs, and unfortunately it was pouring with rain most of the day - not fun when you are running to and from the van with a baby in a capsule. Lucky Noah was home with Di for a couple of hours, or it would have been extra fun with a wheelchair in the rain.

Before Kobe was even born, I booked him in to see our chiropractor - Jason. I wish I knew about chiropractors, and how they can help babies to be more settled when Jalen was born. Jay had a 'traumatic' delivery and was a screamer as a baby - he had severe reflux and was miserable.

When Noah started screaming as a baby someone suggested we try a chiropractor, and we have taken him ever since. Harri also went as a baby and was a very settled baby most of the time. They say that just the delivery can cause problems right from the start. I didn't think Kobe would have any problems as the delivery went so well, but thought it wouldn't hurt to just get him checked anyway. It was funny seeing tiny Kobe on this huge big bed. Jay was a great assistant.

Jason agreed and said that Kobe was 'checking' really well and that everything looked symmetrical and how it should be.

After we got home Jay burst into tears saying he felt 'really, really sick'. Jay can be very dramatic so I gave him a bowl just in case, and told him to go and lay down. In the meantime Mum and Dad arrived and we were all giving him advice as to how to feel better as he was getting very worked up. I told him that on Chelsea's blog I had been reading that everyone in Hobart had been sick with a tummy bug and maybe he had the same thing. All of a sudden he burst into tears and did a HUGE big vomit into the bowl.

I texted our friend/naturopath - Marlo, asking what she suggested and she told me to give him some homeopathics that we had already at home. Easy to say - not so easy to do! Jalen is not a very good patient at all, and it took about half an hour before we could convince him to take them. After another vomit he feels a lot better already and seems to be back to his old self - just telling me that he wasn't sick anymore so he could eat a chocolate teddy bear biscuit.

Mum and Dad were hanging out to give Kobe a cuddle as they hadn't seen him all week, and were dying for him to wake up as they still hadn't seen him awake. He finally woke up for them and Mum loved being able to feed him.

While they were here I went to check on the washing machine (which seems to be doing about 2-3 loads everyday at the moment!) and I could smell a burning smell and it had gone through the whole cycle, but was still full of water. After trying to get it to go and a lot of complaining we realised that our very old washing machine that we bought when we got married, was probably dead for good (we have had it fixed 3 times in the last 3 years or so) and we needed a new one.

Mum and Dad said they would watch the boys while we ran around checking out machines, but I thought I'd give it one more go (not keen to spend Kevin's baby bonus on a stupid washing machine!). I took out what was in the machine and it started going again! I thought it was just really overloaded and didn't like it. Since Mum and Dad have left though I have done one more load of washing and it is officially dead. Looks like we are going shopping for a new washing machine on Saturday.

As well as the washing machine dying, our heater has also decided to play up. Lucky that is the landlords problem to sort out, so now we just have to wait for them to fix it. It always seems that when things are crazy (like when a newborn comes along) things seem to die on you.

All afternoon Noah has decided to yell (not happy that his bowels are moving more again), and Kobe has been up and down all afternoon not sure whether he wants to sleep, feed or just cry. Lucky Mum had cooked us tea, so we didn't have to worry about that. We also got a lovely surprise with Jason and Aysha-Lilly dropping in a freshly baked pie, which went down very nicely for dessert.

Tonight at Harri's bedtime and he saw that Aaron and I were both busy with Kobe and Noah and said 'since you guys are cuddling them, Jay can take me to bed!'. He was very excited when we agreed and Jay was a great big brother reading him a story and tucking him in to bed.

It has been a crazy day, and this is about the 5th time I have attempted to blog about it as Aaron is stuck trying to settle Noah and Kobe keeps waking up, and isn't sure what he really wants to do. Last night Aaron made the statement 'I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything, but what have we done!?'. I keep reminding him that he was him who convinced me that having another baby was a good idea, but really despite all the craziness I wouldn't give up Kobe for anything. I know things will soon settle down and it is only a short time that things will be this crazy.


  1. That sure sounds like a crazy day.
    We still have PLENTY of those too, especially around dinner - bed time! I'm sure once Kobe is in a routine your days wont be as mad.
    That baby bonus is great hey? It's fun thinking about what we would LIKE to spend it on, but then realizing what we HAVE to spend it on...

  2. I think you guys are the crazy ones, I couldn't think of anything worse than having another newborn....well actually maybe I can- twins! :)
    I love that photo of your pears.

  3. Sounds crazy, I felt like I had to read it fast to understand what your day was like. I hope thinks settle soon and if they don't at least you know that someone you know is most likly having a 'crazy' day as well :)
    I am however going to pretend that I didn't read the parts where Kobe helped to contribue to the craziness or the after pains parts for that matter.

  4. Yes it was another exciting day at the Kings,yet again. You have to nearlly have to take a valium as you walk through the door,don't you.? I wouldn,t mind having some of those "calming" natropath pills, I know that is spelt wrong!
    Yes the huge vomit and hysterics from Jae and all of us giving the poor kid advive, and then Kobe puking all over your Dad. Could,t believe how your Dad was holding poor little Kobe after his big spew either. If there only was a video of it. I,m laughing now,glad to see Jae is better,but sorry about the washing machine,hope you get the heater fixed soon. Love Mum xxx

  5. You don't think it was the gym that gave you those pains? After reading that post I realised I was on the edge of my seat all tense and stressed from reading your 'crazy' day. I don't think I took one breath. I like the washing machines with no agitators - you seem to be able to fit more in.I hope you don't have two crazy days in a row. xx

  6. Wow, Lisa what a day. Sure hope tomorrow is better and that Jay is feeling better. Give Noah a hug from us and tell him to behave himself.

  7. wow, the world of motherhood sounds awesome. hahum.

  8. what have we done!!! Ohh your life is riding along in parallel to mine!!! Are you seriously doing pump already! Lisa... take it easy girl. Give yourself a few weeks off, put on a few pounds with doing nothing..... rest! I hope none of you catch Jay's tummy bug. It sucked big time in our house having three people sick in 3 days.


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