Thursday, 19 June 2008

Crazy Days

Life sure has been turned upside down since Kobe arrived! Life was pretty crazy in the King house before he arrived, but even more so now. I don't get anytime to even blog anymore!! I knew it would be crazy, and just keep reminding myself it will get easier.

I'm not minding the night feeds too much as he is only waking once usually and settles pretty well. We are getting at least 4 hours of sleep in a row which I can handle. I am really missing my normal routine though - especially going to the gym each morning. We did manage to get there yesterday and Kobe was an angel and slept in the childcare the entire hour. It was nice to catch up with all my gym buddies who I don't get to see very much at the moment - Simone, Jacquie, Emma and Tammy. It was a pity that Anna and Bonnie weren't also there to catch also.

Noah has become a little unsettled again over the past week or so which is making things extra crazy as we have a newborn crying, plus Noah yelling a lot again. We are onto it though and our friend Marlo is trying lots of different things to help settle him down again. Hopefully it will happen very soon.

Today we had a visit from Pip and Oliver. Oliver was more interested in Noah than Kobe, until Pip picked up Kobe. He then wasn't too sure about what he thought about his Mum with a baby!

Both boys are calling so its time to run. It will get easier - I just have to keep reminding myself.


  1. bet you are starting to get a nice dent in that couch where you have to be planted during the day feeding, burping....! Make sure you move along it to even out the dents! Tis all crazy here too!

  2. haha =)

    just think when their in their teenage years =D

    all the best you both do a great job.

  3. now, lisa. guess what??

    i have a new header pic.

    check it out sometime!

  4. Lisa hope things settle down for you. Tell Noah to behave himself, sure hope he feels better soon.


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