Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Kobe's First Movie

Today we were brave (or stupid!) and took the boys to the movies with the Family Based Care school holiday program. We knew we would have help if we needed, so we were hoping that Kobe and Noah were both behaving so that we could enjoy the movie with the boys.

Everything was going well as we got Kobe to stop screaming and settle down to sleep in his capsule just before the movie. Everything was going well - at least until we got into town. I noticed in the rear vision mirror on the way there that it looked like Noah was working on a bowel movement. It was good as we had put up his bowel meds yesterday to try to get things moving, but things got moving way too much! Aaron got him out of his wheelchair to change him in the van before we went into the cinema, and it was EVERYWHERE!!!!

Pumpkin Patch was just across the road, so I made the most of their sale and grabbed him some new clothes as we didn't have a change in the car. We ended up getting to the movies just in time and luckily Kobe slept right through the entire movie. We watched 'Horton Hears a Who', which the boys loved. All of the workers and families were very excited to meet Kobe.


  1. Kobe certainly is a social butterfly, getting out and about already! I wish my kids would poo all over their clothes, so I could take advantage of the Pumpkin Patch sale!

  2. Jeanene - a capsule is the thing that Kobe is laying in that clips into the car.


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