Friday, 13 June 2008

A Much Calmer Day

Today we have been really busy, but have had a much calmer day than yesterday. Kobe had his usual two feeds during the night and settled really well each time, which was a great start to the day.

This morning we got a phone call from Chrish. Can't wait to see him next week when he comes down. We then went ten pin bowling with the school holiday program. Everyone was so excited to meet Kobe, and he was an angel sleeping the whole time which was great as we could enjoy bowling.

We then went to see Marlo (a naturopath) who wanted to give us all a treatment with her MORA machine. I call it her magic machine, and I really don't understand how it works, but know that it can tell what is working well in your body and what isn't (a very basic way of explaining it!), and she can then prescribe homeopathic drops and meds accordingly. It has helped Noah to settle down a lot over the past month, so we were all keen to give it a go - including Harri and Jay.

We all left with new drops to take. Supposedly Noah is testing better than I am! She says Noah has responded so well to the treatment she has been giving him. Harri was very excited about having a turn and getting new drops - and kept wanting more and more drops while we were there - even sneaking off up the hall with his own drops and giving some to himself!

When we got home we were happy to see that our heater had already been fixed which was a nice surprise. The Child Health Nurse then came for her first visit to see Kobe. She was a classic! She kept going on and on about him like we didn't know him and would say 'hey Aaron - you should see this', and would make him come over to check something out or to listen to his heart beat with a stethoscope, and kept saying what a team we were.

Aaron and I kept looking at each other and tried not to laugh as she was so excited and kept going on and on about the boys, and how in the old days we would be treated like Kings producing all these boys. She obviously loves her job and kids. She gave Noah and Kobe a kiss on the way out.

When she left we headed to Harvey Norman and bought a new washing machine. After going in there and thinking we knew what we wanted, we ended up buying something totally different! We now have a front load washing machine, and hopefully the salesman wasn't telling us good things about it, just so we would buy it. We were lucky that the guy who lives across the road was home and helped Aaron carry it inside.

So far the last day of holidays has been a good one. Of course it is now tea time and things can go downhill very fast from here, but fingers crossed we will have a calm night as well. Aaron keeps saying how fast these holidays have gone and how it is a bit of a blur. I think in some ways though he will be looking forward to getting back to school. It has been great timing having Kobe during the holidays. Hopefully next school holidays will be a little bit more relaxing than these ones have been :)


  1. Heavenly Father's timing is always perfect! We had the same experience when we went to Harvey Norman and so we have had our front loader for 2 years now & I love it. The only thing is liquid works better than powder. Glad your day was better.

  2. he he!! We went to Marlo the other day too. She was great. We came home with what we call "jealousy drops" for Hattie!!!

  3. My front loader is excellent! You will love yours - just use lots less powder/liquid so it doesn't blow bubbles at you. It saves heaps of water and washes the clothes REALLY well. I just use the quick wash nearly all the time (except for delicates) - and you can wash even handwash things on that cycle.

  4. Front Loaders are great although I find I end up sitting on the floor to sort the wash, before I put it in. Just don't let the kids put spoons in it ...that's how our first one died!! They also provide entertainment for the kids, when we got our first one the kids would sit there and watch the clothes go around and around and around and around and around and around.............

  5. Lisa you are looking fabulous!

  6. Lisa, I cant get over how much Kobe looks like Noah in the picture of them both lying on the floor. Kobe's nose is IDENTICAL to Noah's. Or am I imagining that? You will love your front loader - saves water, money, your clothes and time...


  7. Em - yes Kobe is a lot like Noah. He definitely has the same colouring - hair, eyes, skin etc as well as the button nose. Will be interesting to see if he changes much.


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