Saturday, 28 June 2008

June Birthday's

In our family there are a lot of birthday's in June - even more now that Kobe was born in June. Dad's birthday is the same day as Noah's and today was Chrish's birthday. We all went out to Mum and Dad's for lunch today to celebrate all the of the June birthdays and to get together one last time before Chrish goes back to Sydney on Monday. Before we went to Mum and Dad's we called in to see the progress on Eden and Steph's house. It looks great and should only be a couple of weeks before they move in - hopefully before their baby arrives.

Its been nice to see Chrish, but sad to see him feeling so unwell.

I love this photo of Nicki with Kobe. Kobe was an angel the whole time we were out there, but is having his usual unsettled time at night right now.

Lunch was a yummy roast lamb requested by Chrish and lots of yummy desserts. Mum decided it was easier to sit with all the kids at the kids table as she is always jumping up and down to help everyone. I'm sure she will need a rest now we are all gone!

All the kids were so cute watching The Wiggles DVD together after lunch. I think Jay thought that he was a bit too old for that, and decided to go on the computer instead. Aaron and I were saying how Jalen just seems to be so much older than all the other grandkids, because Noah is the next oldest but like a baby himself, so it seems like Jay is on his own. He doesn't mind though - he loves hanging out with his cousins and Aunty's and Uncles.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time. The picture of all the kids watching tv is so cute.

  2. Iv'e noticed how both Jae and Harri have both really grown up since Kobe was born. Harri seems to be the leader of the littler of the kids and Jae seems to be more comfortale with his aunties and uncles. I enjoyed sitting with him at the computer and talking about his blog and his friends.He sure loves life! It's also nice to have Kobe and Alex sort of together. I'm sure they will be great mates as they get older. Love Mum, P.S really enjoyed your cheescake for supper and for breakfast Yum!!! I will have to get the recipe.


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