Thursday, 5 June 2008

Kids Ward Playground Opening

Before we came home today, we walked up the hall to the Kids Ward at the hospital. Noah had been invited to the new playground official opening as a special guest. Jalen was also representing their school as they had also raised money for the playground. He was excited to see the name of their school on the official thank you board outside the kids ward.

For years now they have talked about making a playground in the kids ward. It has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it finally opened today and is awesome! The boys have always loved it when Noah is in hospital - not that he is sick, but they love being able to play up there. Now that there is an awesome playground they will be hoping that we will be making more visits up there.

Lara Giddings (Minister for Health and Human Services) was there to do all her official duties and came over to talk to the boys about their cool balloons a guy made for them. The funniest thing was that Harri didn't care who she was, or what she was there for and stood there picking his nose!

The funniest thing was that everyone was oohing and aahing over Kobe and saying how small he was and was asking how old he was. When we told them he is one day old they looked at me like I was joking! I would then show them my arm band and they realised that we really had just walked up from the maternity ward. It felt very strange to have the three boys there, plus a little baby!


  1. Wow what a cool play area in the children's ward. Just love the picture of Noah checking out his new brother.

  2. That is the most ADORABLE photo of Noah and his new baby brother Kobe.. It looks like Noah is about to give him a huge wet sloppy kiss.


  3. Love the photo of Noah and Kobe, he looks really interested or about to tell him what he is in for. Love Mum xxx


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