Monday, 30 June 2008

Lovin' Kobe

Harri hasn't really shown much interest in Kobe at all since he was born - he asks about him from time to time ('why is he awake Mum?', 'Kobe is crying and wants a cuddle Mum' - like I don't hear it!! etc) but the good thing is that he also isn't jealous at all of him.

Last week I was taking the four boys out to the van after school and it was raining. A teacher saw me and came and asked if she could hold Kobe for me while I took Noah out. I left Kobe with her and took the other three out to the van and Harri bursts into tears saying 'I want Kobe back!!'. It was the first time I had really showed that he does love him and care about him. Last night he saw Kobe wide awake and said 'I want to cuddle Kobe, Mum'. It was so cute seeing how much he loved holding him.

Sometimes I will be busy doing something and have had to leave Kobe crying. I have come back into the lounge room and Jay has gone and picked him up and is trying to settle him down for me. He loves it if he picks him and he stops crying or he does a big burp - he is so proud that he can help him. Jay wasn't really interested in Noah or Harri very much when they were babies, and was just a bit too young to really be able to help out, so its really nice for him this time to feel like the really big brother.


  1. I am so glad you are recording all the things that Harri and Jay say to Kobe and the way Noah smiles over him because it will be such a laugh for them to read this when they are older and for Kobe to see what wonderful "mothery" brothers he has.

  2. I think it is so cool that you have 4 boys! They will be the BEST of friends growing up! They obviously love each other very much!

  3. what great older brothers for Kobe...and I know this is late but congratulations! He is beautiful.
    You must be super busy, but looks like you're doing a marvelous job.

  4. Im so jealous you havent got the jealous thing happening and I do!!! It would make life sooooo much easier!


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