Saturday, 7 June 2008

The Announcement


  1. Such a gorgeous boy!. Hope you are getting some well deserved sleep.

  2. I love those cute little toes photo so much. Maybe I will have to hire you and your camera to be at the hospital just after ours is born because Kobe's photos have been absolutely magical. :)

  3. Kobe,s feet are just as wrinkled as my face!!! Love Grandma. xxxx

  4. Hi Lisa ,
    Have to admit to being a bit of a blog stalker LOL ! Im a friend of Bridey's and came across your blog a while back and have enjoyed keeping up with you and your gorgeous family, so just wanted to say Congrats on the arrival of Kobe. He is divine and looks like he had just slid into place ...
    Keep up the great blogging and i hope you dont mind me popping in from time to time.
    From Shannon
    PS I have to say i guessed the date too !!!!!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS to you all! Kobe is gorgeous (looks like you Lisa!) I'm glad to hear you are all well. Our love to you all, take care, Kylie and co
    Whangaparaoa, New Zealand

  6. Aww loves the pictures of those little feet.


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