Friday, 20 June 2008

Speakers Box

In Jay's class at school each child gets a turn at "Speakers Box". It is like "Show and Tell" except that they have to be very prepared, and have topics to choose from which they can't do more than once in the term (e.g exciting happenings, my news, personal possession etc). They are also judged by two of their classmates on five different areas such as eye contact, voice projection, how interesting it was and how prepared they were. It is to help them become more confident with public speaking.

Today was Jay's turn and he decided to talk about an exciting happening and got me to bring Kobe in. As soon as we walked in the kids were all over him, touching and rubbing his face and hands. Jay's teacher said they have now had it all for Speakers Box - they have had pets come in, a car door and now a baby!

Jay was very confident and told them all about me having contractions at home and how he had to rub my back for me. He took in the newspaper announcement, his hospital I.D. bracelet and some photos from the day he was born. The kids were all very interested and excited to hear all about it.

The whole time Harri just wanted to tell Jay's teacher something, and at the end she asked him what he wanted to tell her and he says 'we have the Mario Olympic Games game for the Wii!'. We all thought he was going to tell her something about Kobe, but he is more excited about playing Chrish's game at the moment! Ms B. then told the kids a funny story about how she was looking after her godson and how he was talking to his friend in the car about the Wii they had just played at Kids Paradise. She said she thought they were saying they needed to do a wee, and was telling them how they should have gone at Kids Paradise, as she had never heard of a Wii before. The kids thought it was hilarious.

Kobe was very well behaved during it all, and I suggested that I could leave him there for the day so the kids could learn more about babies, but Ms B. wasn't so keen!


  1. Jay sounds so much like the proud older brother. Obviously Harri has got his priorities in order. I love the story of Mrs B not knowing what a wii is.

  2. What an awesome show and tell!!

  3. way to go Jay, sounds like you did great sharing about your little brother.


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