Sunday, 8 June 2008

Meeting the Family

We have had a busy weekend with Kobe being able to meet all of his family that are close by. Yesterday he got to meet Auntie Nicki, Uncle Alex, Maddi and Alex.

Maddi was so cute saying 'love Kobe'.

Its amazing to see how big Alex is now and he is only 4 months old. It's hard to imagine Kobe being like that in a few months or so.

Yesterday Kobe also met Uncle Eden, Auntie Steph and Chloe. Not long now until we get to meet their new little one :)

Aaron's Nan and Pop also came around with Aaron's Dad and Step Mum - Carrol. They were so excited to meet him and to have a cuddle. Although age is catching up with them and they are already calling him 'Cody' :)

Tonight we were very spoiled with Becky, Jared and Kels coming to visit, and Becky cooked us tea. I told her that I should be the one cooking her tea since she is now pregnant too! We are so excited for them.

Kobe is a very lucky little boy to have so many grandparents, cousins and aunties and uncles that live close by.


  1. Poor Kobe must be worn out from all the hugs and getting held all the time. You guys are very popular

  2. Lovely family photos! (and how exciting that Becky and jared are having another baby!!!)

  3. Love the picture of Kels and Kobe, and doesn,t little Alex look so big now compared to Kobe. You really are apopular family Love you all Mum xxx

  4. Wow look at all those little ones, so neat.

  5. wow, that's what a 4 months looks like! Im already feeling the weight when I ahve to slot that stupid baby capsule inot its base in the car!!!

  6. Just like it's supposed to be


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