Friday, 6 June 2008

Our First 24 Hours Together

Our first 24 hours at home with Kobe have been really nice. Last night Noah was so happy. I think he was happy that everyone was home together again. We put Kobe right next to him and he broke out in a big grin.

Aaron and I cracked up when put Kobe into his cot for the first time. He looked so tiny in this huge big cot! I felt a bit sad about putting him in his own room, but know I will get a lot more sleep when I'm not hearing every single noise he makes. Noah was great last night and only woke up once late in the morning to be turned over which was good.

The night went pretty well, with Kobe waking up twice for a feed and a third time just happy to have a cuddle, and fell back to sleep in my arms. It was nice having both Noah and Kobe in our bed together this morning. Noah just seems so big now! People have been asking if it seems strange to have a tiny baby again, but Aaron and I were both saying it isn't at all as Noah is just like a baby, so Kobe just seems like having a mini Noah. He actually also looks a lot like Noah, when Noah was born. I will have to dig some old photos out to compare them.

Jay told us he was going to get up to give the '3am feed' (if only we could predict what time he really would wake!) and was wondering this morning why we didn't wake him. Maybe after a few nights I really will wake him to help out :) He did end up giving him a feed today and was so excited about it. He kept asking if we could show him how to pick him up properly and then would pick him up, and wanted to feed him. Jay seems to have grown up by 3 years overnight! All day Jalen would hang out for Kobe to wake up and even if he was asleep he would ask 'can I cuddle him now, Mum?'. All day I keep hearing 'I love Kobe'. It is very cute.

Today we had a few visitors (Marlo, Simone, Sara and Merilyn and the Sister missionaries from church) as well as a midwife from the hospital who weighed Kobe and said he has only lost 100gm since his birth which was good (Aaron says I'm slipping in my blogerazzi roll as I didn't even get a photo of him being weighed!). She also watched as I gave myself an injection to make sure I was okay with it. So far so good :) Di came to do a shift of In Home Support and was excited to meet Kobe and enjoyed having a cuddle.

Kobe ended up having two baths - the first in the big bath, and the second in the sink as he made a huge mess everywhere with a very leaky nappy! There was no way we were filling up the big bath again. He actually seemed to enjoy the sink more anyway.

Harri isn't fussed at all about anything. He is just his usual self and asks now and then about something that Kobe is doing, but doesn't seem either jealous or overly excited about having Kobe at home. He did wonder why he was in our bed when he came in our room. I told him that I let him sleep in my bed for a little while this morning and he said 'but he sleeps in his room!. I think he was just curious as to why he has his own bedroom, but wasn't in there.

Aaron has been a great help - helping a lot during the night (including getting his pillow wee'd all over while in the middle of changing a dirty nappy!), doing the housework, cooking tea and is now folding clothes, while I blog away. I feel very lucky (I had to say something nice, since he did say nice things about me after giving birth!). He was asleep cuddling Noah a minute ago, and Jay and I tried to grab the camera to take a photo, but missed the opportunity! I really am slipping.

It looks like Kobe is going to be a big spewer. We have probably gone through 10 grow suits since last night and numerous bunny rugs. Lucky we have a big washing machine and dryer! I have forgotten how much extra washing a tiny little person can create.


  1. Lisa, your AMAZING... up and blogging already.
    I loved the picture of little Kobe in the sink, he is soooo cute.
    Can't believe I'm saying this but after seeing your pictures makes me miss the baby stage... they grow so fast!

  2. I,m glad Noah is happy,it,s just lovely to see him with Kobe. You might have to get a KING size bed, get it ha ha !!! and Kobe looks so little in his cot. I felt really sad for him.Yes you have a good one there with Aaron. He,s a keeper.Hope you catch up on your sleep. Love Mum xxx

  3. aw i love the pic of him in the sink...thats so cool:)

  4. Ohhh, He's so cute. I am feeling clucky and I still have a young baby. They grow up so fast. What a good brother Jay is. He does have the darker features like Noah hey.
    Love Nicki

  5. Kobe is adorable, I love the picture of he and Noah. So happy to hear Noah is doing well.

  6. Oooh, Kobe is so cute! I love the one with Noah smiling at him! Congratulations!

  7. you know what? i bet noah remembers kobe from premortal life and has been hanging out for years to catch up with him again! he just looks like he knows him and is so happy to see him :) glad everything is settling into place for you. and glad to see that aaron is doing his duties being your servant for the next few weeks! looks like i will have to get you some bibs quick smart to help out with all that spew. xxx

  8. Such lovely pics- cute one of Noah and Kone, and jalen and Kobe- he is such a fantastic big brother!


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