Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Keeping Busy

Everyone is obviously very anxious since I missed a day of posting on my blog! Instead of being in hospital delivering a baby, we have spent the morning at Kids Paradise.

The school holiday program with Family Based Care has started back up again, and my boss couldn't believe that I still hadn't had the baby and was at Kids Paradise with the boys! I told her I was available to work the rest of the week if she wanted ;)

Aaron thought that I should go on the giant inflatables and do some jumping to try to get things moving, but I was more than happy to just chat with the other parents and kids from work, while the boys played.

The boys are excited to go ten pin bowling in the morning, so if I can get through tomorrow morning without going into labour they will be very happy!


  1. Kid's paradise looks so neat and you can tell the kids love it.
    We are anxiously waiting to hear that the baby has arrived.

  2. Can you please let bub know he has less than 6 hrs to pop out or I miss out on my guessing prize.

  3. So What is Kids Paradise? It looks awesome! Where about is it? We might have to make a visit next time we are heading north! oh and... Come on baby!

  4. love that pic of Noah looking up at you... "geesh mum, you are an idiot taking photos ALL the time"!!! Wish we had a kids paradise here! It's so fun for taking photos!!!


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