Monday, 9 June 2008

Supposedly I'm...

"not fat anymore!" :) Yesterday at church Harri wanted to sit on my knee during sacrament meeting. For the past month or so it has been really tricky as I didn' t have much of a lap for him to sit on, so he would get upset when I couldn't pick him up and cuddle him.

Yesterday he comes over to me and says very loudly and excitedly (for everyone around us to hear!) 'Mum I can sit on your knee now - you're not fat anymore!'. If only I were so positive about that!

He was so excited and sat on my knee and then he told me that when he got home he was going to fix up my person on the Wii. When you register yourself with the Wii you have to make up a profile of yourself, including how you look such as how big you are, hair, eye colour etc. The boys made my profile up about a month ago and made me look REALLY fat. This morning Harri very kindly made me look thinner.


  1. Lisa that is just too funny, Harri is such a character.

  2. Sorry about the late congratulations!! I've just been spending the last half hour catching up on all the exciting news!! What a gorgeous little boy and I LOVE the name!! Well done Lisa. I'm so happy for you all.

  3. Wow- It must have something to do with this being your fourth child, but i just cant believe how having a newborn hasnt totally turned your life crazy, like, you even made it to church yesterday! you are a wonderwoman- what an inspiration!

  4. What a crack up Lisa:) and what a relief to not be so FAT anymore!! hmm speaking of wii i'm off to the loo...

  5. Hi Lisa
    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog - Ill try update it one day soon ...
    You really are amazing doing all this blogging with a newborn as well as 3 others ! Maybe i should have that number 4 after all !?
    My kids have all our family done on the Wii too, so know all about that - im constantly trying to get the kids to make me prettier LOL !!!

  6. I'm suprised you haven't been back to the gym you junkie.

    Glad your getting looked

    nice comment Collette


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