Tuesday, 9 August 2011

You can teach and old (er) dog new tricks

A couple of weeks ago Leona and I spent a lovely morning with Annette in her beautiful new home.

It was lovely to catch up, and Annette spoilt us as always.  Sisi and Kobe were loving the cream cake.

Kobe is totally hooked on doing puzzles and games at the moment, and loved playing with Annette's games.

Annette is one of those super cool women who never, ever seem to get older.  She already has a blog, but recently she decided that it's time to keep up with everyone else, and joined Facebook.  She was already doing well , but was keen for a little lesson.

While I was showing her all the important things (how to upload pics, how to check your messages and notifications, and comment), Leona was busy keeping the kids occupied and took a few pics on my camera.   She is one of those good Mums who let her kids have lots of pets, unlike me! Her kids are therefore great with animals, unlike Kobe who would much rather stay behind the glass.

Leona takes awesome photos and we love talking photos all day long :)

Thanks for a lovely morning Leona and Annette.  It's fun seeing you on FB! It's definitely true that you can teach an old(er) dog new tricks. 


  1. hehe, so cool! Isn't their new house lovely?? I just LOVE Annette - she is THE sweetest, kindest person ever!! xx

  2. love the "er" bit of this post!!!
    and wouldn't mind that pink chair that Annette is sitting on either!! :)

  3. Well I don't have a blog because my life is mundane and boring, but you did teach me how to use Facebook, and it has kept me relatively sane.
    Love Mum.

  4. Haha netties gonna love this post!

  5. haha, it was fun taking pics :) - any excuse!

  6. Well thank you Queen of the FB and Blogging world... i dont know if I really deserve that fatastic wrap and a whole post dedicated to me(am i dead and gone to heaven??? He he he !!!!) Love you both and it was so good to have someone over for a visit and to hang out finally...i think everyone is too scared to come to my new house..WHY?????? it is definately kid proof and you dont have to take your shoes off (unless they are caked in mud)...see you all soon...

  7. he he... too funny! Recognise those clothes Sisi has on! Looks like Rosie!

  8. YAY! I'm glad she is on...tell her she needs to FRIEND me! :)


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