Thursday, 18 August 2011

TOFW Feature Story

After I emailed photos to one of the organisers for TOFW, she emailed me back as she had seen my blog post about it, and was wanting to know how I felt about it being featured on the TOFW website.  I was totally shocked as it was just about my weekend away with Mum and Chrish and what I got out of TOFW, but they were really keen to use it as they said it was great to share someone's perspective of the day.

Leona had also emailed them her photos and we were excited to see our photos used in some videos that they put together on YouTube about the event. 

After a few emails back and forth they decided that they wanted to put up my blog post on their website, to coincide with the TOFW newsletter going out as they wanted as many people as possible to see the post because it is the first international TOFW event.  The post went up a couple of days ago on the official TOFW website.  

They edited the post a little with my permission as I had a lot of stuff in there about what we did with Chrish (they still left some in though which I was surprised about!).  A couple of days ago it was the first 'latest story' and had Sarah and I cracking up about our pic on there together as we both thought we looked awful.   It was so good to see Sarah again as she has moved to Melbourne.  Who would've thought we would've caught up in Sydney of all places!

You can check out my post on the TOFW website by clicking on the pic below.


  1. Oh that is SO EXCITING! Way to go Lisa!!!

  2. Okay, I know you don't know me, but I saw you on the TOFW site & I thought, "I totally recognize that name from somewhere" & then I read your experience & when you mentioned your son Noah, I knew where I had "seen" you before!! I used to live in April Moody's ward & I know Becky Orton!! I couldn't believe what a tiny world it is!! I just want you to know one thing about what you said in your experience that has seriously sat HARD with me the past few days & that was when you mentioned that the only person standing in your way of doing certain things was YOU!! It hit me & impacted something in my brain that has gotten me thinking of how much I am standing in the way of....I have always dreamed of going to TOFW & planned on going this year & was so excited to sign up this past weekend!! So anyhow, even though you don't know me, know that you impacted MY life for GOOD all the way around the world in Orem, Utah & to find out that you "know" April & Becky is just an added plus!! Thanks for the inspiration! HUGS ~
    Ali B.


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