Thursday, 4 August 2011

High Fashion

We require high standards of fashion from Noah's carers.   We do think Alison's choice of footwear is quite stylish.  I'm sure it will take off in Paris next season.

You can tell Noah is also thrilled about them!


  1. You saw it here first, folks. I'll be slipping down the catwalks with sort-of dry feet before you know it.

  2. Fashion tips passed down through generations!! We should lobby against the banning of shopping bags. There is proof right there that shopping bags have a tremendous 'other' use and they are an appreciated item!!

    lovely pictures :)

  3. You need the big white milking gum boots like we wore at the hospital when we were showering someone. Big size fits everyone, and no slipping over, like I did when I had Noah for the weekend when you went to Melbourne for the footy.
    Love Mum.

  4. marvelous what you can use those shopping bags for ...i am about to do a recyle post ...going to make it with the girls while they are up next week.... watch out for it!!!!
    Hope Noah is feeling better ...he has been in our prayers XXXXX

  5. Oh yes I can see Miranda Kerr wanting to slip into a pair of those too. ;)

  6. YOU are AWESOME! This makes me laugh. :) Those pictures are fantastic. I especially love the soapy hair look. CUTE!


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