Wednesday, 10 August 2011

When you are the biggest brother

you have a lot of responsibility.  This week Noah hasn't been to school at all and I've been thinking about how much easier the mornings have been.  Usually it takes me the good part of an hour to get Noah ready and in his chair for school.  By the time I have helped him empty his bowels and bladder, given nebs and puffers, done his oral care, put his body splint on and dressed him we are usually running late to get out the door.  Half the time I'm driving off in the van and then realise that I forgot to have breakfast! 

You can actually see in this photo how full his bladder is after not going all night.

Aaron leaves home at 7.30 am every morning, so Jalen and Harri have to help me a lot in the mornings, so we can actually get out the door.  Jay is great and never complains about how much he has to help.  Harri is another story! :) Jay is great with Kobe and knows how to distract him and entertain him long enough to help him get dressed.

He's even used to changing his nappy in the mornings now (unless there is a nice surprise in there).  I can't wait till Kobe decides that he's not going to use nappies anymore, but in the meantime it's nice to know I have a great helper.

He'll make a great husband and Dad one day, although I tell him he can't ever leave home as I'll have no one to help me and make me milo every night :)


  1. What a great kid! My hink is the same, so helpful. I tell her she's my right hand man :-)

  2. What a great young man he is, I agree if he does decide to get married he should stay living at home and still help out! Great job Jay!

  3. thats good he doesn't whinge about helping out - I am sure he doesn't even mind - I guess he is nearly 12 and thats not a kid anymore hey!! More is always expected of the oldest but they become so Bossy to the others because of it~!! Kels is eamons second nagging mother already!!

  4. That's a beautiful blog Lisa, he sounds like a wonderful child...I bet he feels pretty lucky too

  5. Your boys a so special, you need to send this story to a newspaper with Jays birthday list.

  6. save him for one of my grand daughters are my hero Jay...MMMMMMWWWWAAAHHHH... kisses from a real old Lady....

  7. I love how Jae is so good with all his little cousins, and they love him him to bits.
    I'm proud of him.
    Love Mum.

  8. isnt he gorgeous! reminds me of my eldest!

  9. Oh what a sweet big brother. Wow.
    I wish I had a daughter to introduce him to someday :)


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