Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Move over MJ

We've been loving playing 'Just Dance' but thought it was time to step it up a bit.  We have since pulled out the Michael Jackson Experience, which is a similar game.  I thought Just Dance was hard!! This one is just crazy.  You can either be a backup dancer which is usually easier, or be MJ which is super hard.

I need to seriously start practicing as Aaron flogs me every time.  It's obviously because of his hip thrusting and hilarious hip movements to get him the points!   I didn't even know that he did it until I watched it later on and was laughing so much I was crying!

Check out Kobe thinking he's MJ, throwing his hat down at the beginning, and Jay joining in at the end. I also didn't know he started dancing with us until I watched the video later on! 


  1. hahahaha, sorry Lisa but the boys in your house have all the moves! - Go Aaron!!

  2. haha that is hilarious! It looks like Aaron has been practising those moves for a very long time as he's got them down pat. Maybe he's a closet MJ dancer????

  3. Aaron obviously knew he was being filmed.So funny

  4. The Kobester has the moves going on, and maybe Aaron should only be showed from the neck up lol It looks like so much fun, I must have a dance with the boys. Love Mum.

  5. goodness me "hotlips" the pelvic thrust was a bit R rated...
    love the hat toss from Kobe and Ja just couldnt hold out any longer he had to show you how it was done..WWWWWHHHHHOOOOO Ja!!!!!!


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