Wednesday, 31 August 2011

(Special) School Assembly

Noah hasn't had a great week. He's not sick, but he's not himself and we think that a lot of it is hay fever. He's hardly slept at night for two nights in a row and has needed a lot more suctioning than usual.  After two really bad nights, he finally slept okay last night, but then woke up and started crying ten minutes after Aaron got him out of bed.

I rang the school bus to tell them not to worry about picking him up for school, as he would be staying home with me, and then half an hour later he settled down.  I had a busy day planned, so decided he could just stay home with Kobe and me and do what we were going to be doing. 

During the morning his school was having a special assembly to share their work they had been doing on different countries, so I decided to take Noah along to join in. 

Noah's class have been learning about Papua New Guinea, so his teacher talked about all the things they found out about it.


It was nice to actually see his eyes open for it most of the time.

He did start dozing off before the end though.

Kobe wandered around most of the time and loved it, but hated it when a couple of the kids would scream on top of their lungs.  He also gets a bit worried about the kids who use walking frames.  It makes me laugh as to him what Noah does is totally 'normal', even when he has seizures, coughs and splutters or yells for half the day, but other kids with special needs still make him a bit nervous.

At the end we got to try different foods from the countries that the classes had talked about.

It was nice to be able to join in, even though Noah wagged school for the day.


  1. lovin kobes eyes - reminds me of you and Jalen! great costumes Noah!

  2. Loved reading the post, was unable to make it in today but love the photos! Was great Charlotte even brought home her shirt and bag so FHE she can deck out in it and show us all. William is like Kobe thinks that the girls are totally normal.

  3. I couldn't stop looking at the food - what a great idea. Poor Noah. Let's hope he picks up soon. x

  4. What a great assembly. I hoped you remembered 80-20 with all that food. ;)


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